Adobe Premiere Pro Versus Camtasia

Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia are both popular video editing programs that can take your videos to the next level. At some point most video creators need a video editor that can make their look and sound professional with features like transitions between scenes, the ability to add visuals like objects and titles, audio editing and more.

Check out the below table and video to explore some key differences between Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia to help you decide which one fits your needs.

 Adobe Premiere ProCamtasia
Professional Video Editing Features Include Transitions, Animation of Objects/Layers, Colour Adjustments, Audio Editing, Adding Titles etc.check markThese features and more. Fine tune editing is possible.check markIncludes all basic professional editing features. Edits are usually easy to find and make. Less fine tuning than Premiere Pro.
Biggest DifferencesAbility to integrate with other Adobe products including Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. Many, many editing features within Adobe Premiere and with integrating other Adobe products. The sky is the limit when working with video.Powerful, yet simple to learn. Don't need to integrate with other products for most basic editing tasks. Not good as stand alone for animated video. Great for creating screen recording (screencast) videos (Screen recording feature is not available in Premiere Pro). Can purchase and connect to
Audiate which makes editing voice audio super-easy.
Target UserProfessionals doing video editing. Those looking to grow their video editing skillsThose who need a video editing program that can do most basic editing well and don't need to fine tune edits. Those creating screencasts.
Learning CurveModerately steepEasy - Moderate
Cost ComparisonPrices change and may differ by country. Expect a few hundred dollars (around $300 and change more or less) annually. Subscriptions for additional Adobe products e.g. After Effects will cost more.Around the same price (around $300 and change more or less). Annual renewal is less, so long term cost for more than one year is less.
AssetsCan connect to Adobe Stock to add stock images, videos and audio to Adobe library and make accessible in Premiere Pro. Can also import assets from other sources that have been downloaded on your computer.Comes with a small selection of free audio and icons. Not difficult to import stock files that are downloaded on your computer.
Free Trial7 day free trial of full Premiere Pro. Adobe account and credit card details required for trial.30 day free trial of full version of Camtasia. Downloaded videos from free trial will have watermark. No credit card required for trial.

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