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2020 has undoubtedly changed life for the majority of Canadians. The CIRA has conducted a wide variety of surveys to assess the impact of Covid-19 on Canadian living. Here are just a few Fun Facts on how life in Canada has changed!

54% of Canadians are now working from home.

Prior to March 2020, 58% of Canadians reported that nobody in their household worked remotely!

In the Maritimes, over 60% of New Brunswickers, Nova Scotians, and PEI residents reported having never worked from home before.

While it is certainly an adjustment, many Canadians are citing some significant benefits to working from home.

77% report less time commuting.

54% claim to have found a better work-life balance.

53% say they’re spending less money!

While it’s no secret that communication technology has skyrocketed, with services like Zoom becoming near-essential, it’s curious that 45% of Canadians admit that they don’t answer their phones when they ring! 

If you need to reach someone, you’re better off using Facebook, because 70% of Canadians are logged in daily, and 30% cite it as their favourite social media platform.

Aside from scrolling through Facebook, Canadians report spending at least one hour a day streaming TV shows or movies online.

25% report spending 3-4 hours binge-watching their favourite shows!

Netflix is still top dog in the Canadian streaming world, with Amazon Prime taking second place.

11% of Canadians admit to pirating shows, and 31% of those people say it’s because they don’t want to pay for multiple subscription services…. Are YOU part of that statistic?

In general, Canadians cite being online and connected to a reliable internet service as highly important. 70% of those surveyed stated that they would be unlikely to purchase a home in an area that lacked high-speed internet.

More Canadians than ever are embracing smart home technology.

41% say they at least own a Bluetooth speaker.

25% say they have a voice-activated assistant like Alexa or Google Home.

15% say their home is protected by smart security technology.

How many of these fun facts apply to you? Has 2020 impacted your daily life and routines?

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