1. Great Support

This is what we look for in any service we use and domain registrars are no exception.  Namespro is quick to respond and helpful in their responses.  We had a client who recently forgot to put a hyphen in the domain she purchased. Not only did Namespro let her switch to the correct domain at no charge, they pointed the new domain at the same A record we pointed the “wrong” domain at. And didn’t charge the client any extra $. Now, that is service. (I wouldn’t reccomend trying this, especially if you have the domain for a while before realizing you purchased the wrong one, Just giving this as an example.)

2.They aren’t salesy

Tired of the upsell every time you contact your domain provider? This doesn’t happen with Namespro, just old-fashioned, we-sincerely- want-to-help-you, customer service.*

3. They are canadian

As a Canadian buisness ourselves, we love the idea of supporting fellow Canadian businesses.  In web design, we also looik for businesses that are established enough to be reliable. Namespro is a reliable Canadian domain provider.  So can proudly buy your domain from them, eh?

Get Your Domain Here !

*Note: If you don’t choose to make your domain private when you purchase, you will be contacted by outside parties trying to sell you everything from web design to SEO. These calls don’t come from Namespro. This happens no matter where you purchase your domain. Some businesses watch for the newly registered domains.  The calls die down after a bit, but still best practice to purchase a private domain registration if you don’t want a lot of sales calls.

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