Sked Social allows you to schedule social media posts including Instagram (yay!). We first starting using Sked Social to schedule posts for our social media clients because unlike some/most other scheduling programs, Sked Social allows us to schedule Instagram posts directly without having to do a push of the post to Instagram on our phone. So all our social media scheduling can be done at once on a laptop and we could have our phone turned off when the Instagram posts are supposed to go out and they go anyway.

In this video tutorial, Rochelle goes through the basics of using Sked Social to schedule posts. Visit Sked Social to learn more.


JSYK – this post contains affiliate links. If you click through to Sked Social using the links on this post, you save 20% off your first month and we probably make a little money which we appreciate so we can keep making how to videos. We really truly only recommend tools and products we love.:)

Sked Social
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