We have tried different website hosts and once we found Flywheel, we stayed with them.  We love Flywheel hosting so much, we charge clients less to build a website if they host with Flywheel through us. Because if a website is hosted on Flywheel, we can rest assured that the hosting experience will be smooth. Here are our top seven reasons why you might want to consider Flywheel as the host for your WordPress website:

1. Gold Standard Support

The Flywheel Support team is always there to answer questions in a quick, friendly manner.  If you have an unusual or difficult hosting issue, they dig deep to get answers and provide solutions. The answer is almost never you need to purchase more space/better plan from us (something we hear quite frequently from other hosts).  Great hosting support is not a requirement, until you need it. Then it can save you time and heartbreak.

2. Great security

Flywheel takes security seriously. Data encryption, ssl included, malware scans, automatic WordPress updates are all included with Flywheel. Check out Flywheel’s security page for more details.

3. Secure Backups

Easy to restore daily back ups.  Say no more.

5. Easy To Use

They have a beautiful website. The dashboard is a clean,  user-friendly experience.  Almost anything can be done with the click of a button.

6. Got Your Back

If you outgrow your space, they will let you know, give you more and charge you accordingly, instead of shutting you down in the midst of a boom of hits. (At least this is what a Flywheel support person told us, you might want to verify with them directly before you expect a huge increase in hits).

7. DNS Checker

Did you recently move a website to Flywheel and not sure why the domain isn’t pointing to the new website files?  The DNS checker tells you if things are on track and if something is wrong, sometimes the DNS checker tells you exactly what the the problem is. This is an awesome tool included with Flywheel. Just part of their make your life easier experience.

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